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Developing cement industry efficiency with acoustic cleaning systems

Main advantages of the NIRAFON® in cement industry

NIRAFON® is a cost-effective and efficient solution for a variety of industrial applications. With flexible operation times, low operational and maintenance costs, minimal capital requirements, and a small spatial footprint, our systems provide on-line cleaning that's both practical and budget friendly.

NIRAFON® has no adverse effects on heating surfaces and structures, making it an excellent alternative to traditional steam soot blowers. These systems are ideally suited for recuperators, economizers, and waste heat recovery systems, including PH boilers (kiln rear preheaters) and AQC boilers (kiln head calcination coolers), allowing you to optimize your industrial operations.


Product benefits

  • Continuously clean filter bags, longer bag lifetime.
  • Considerably lower air consumption for keeping clean bag filters.
  • Less electricity use of fans, thanks to lower pressure difference and reduced need for suction.
  • Minimized fan imbalances.
  • Reduced frequency of shutdown and down time for manual cleaning and improve fan availability.
  • Continuous cleaning during the process, automatic operation.
  • Minimize requirement of manual cleaning and downtime.
  • These all lead to reduced emissions.
  • Lower initial capital investment.
  • Low operating cost.
  • Cleans also the shadow areas.

The NIRAFON® system can be used in combination
with existing cleaning system.


  • Bagfilters

  • ESP

  • Fans

  • Cyclones

  • Heat recovery boilers

  • Ducts and channels

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