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NIRAFON Pneumatic Acoustic Cleaners

The NIRAFON pneumatic/air-driven acoustic cleaners are typically used for the cleaning of areas whose temperatures are lower than + 1000 °C. 

Our portfolio contains three pneumatic acoustic cleaner models, named according to their basic frequencies (NI60 = 60 Hz, NI100 = 100 Hz, NI250 = 250 Hz). Together with the NCSD® they form the basis for our acoustic cleaning system engineering.

In principle, the lower frequency cleaners provide more efficient cleaning results. However, number of other factors must be taken into account to choose the best overall cleaning solution. To name a few, these include the amount and composition of ash, cleaning temperature, noise limits, and dimensions of the space to be cleaned. For different space utilization, all models have a straight and a 90-degree curved horn profile version.

Whatever the application, the customers don’t have to worry about what cleaners to choose. We always customize our systems to best suit our customers’ needs with over 30 years of experience. 

Keeping boiler plant clean

Keeping boiler plant clean

Continuous cleaning during the process, automatic operation
  •  Maintains plant efficiency at a high level
  •  Cleaning without interrupting plant process/production
  • Cleans also the shadow areas
  • Minimize requirement of manual cleaning and downtime
  • These all lead to reduced emissions
  •  Lower initial capital investment 
  • Low operating cost
  • Reduces the need of water at the plant
  • Lesser space requirement

The NIRAFON® system can be used in combination
with existing cleaning system

Cleaning without damaging

Cleaning without damaging

ESP-eliminating the weaknesses of rappers


  • Continual prevention of particle buildup
  • Better overall cleaning, also cleans hoppers and walls
  • No mechanical stress or damage caused by rappers
  • Hopper blockage eliminated
  • Steady material flow from hoppers – no sudden overloading
  • Low maintenance cost

Saving energy and money

Saving energy and money

Baghouse- overcoming compressed air pulse systems

  • Continuously clean bags, longer bag lifetime
  • The whole bag is cleaned – not just the upper part
  • Considerably lower air consumption
  • Less electricity use of fans, thanks to the lower pressure difference and reduced need for suction
  • Can be used in high temperatures and with moist air/exhaust gases
  • No wear to bags - no abrasion and flexing of the fibers
Maintaining plant efficiency high

Maintaining plant efficiency high

Keeping SCR systems clean

  • Prevent the catalysts become clogged and break down

  • Eliminate the risk of plant downtime

  • Ensure the correct operation of SCR systems, while maintaining high plant efficiency

Key features

Nirafon key features

Heat transfer and other surfaces to be cleaned stay permanently clean and the process can continue without interruptions, rendering expensive shut-downs unnecessary.

Nirafon key features

Acoustic cleaning drastically reduces the use of water at the plant, without causing corrosion or erosion. Sound won’t make any damage to structures.

Nirafon key features

The acoustic cleaners require little space, the maintenance and operating costs are low. The refund time of the system is short.

Nirafon key features

A tailor-made plan is always drawn up by NIRAFON Oy according to the application specific needs.

NIRAFON Pneumatic Acoustic cleaner in action


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