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Superior acoustic cleaner for high temperatures


NIRAFON Cleaning Sound Device (NCSD®) is a solution typically used for the acoustic cleaning of the high temperature areas of boiler plants. The method enables the acoustic cleaning of both the screen tubes and the super heater area without stopping the process

NCSD® is the only solution on the market to keep the heat transfer surfaces clean at spots where ashes are in both molten and solid forms. That is why NCSD® is also an excellent cleaning solution for applications where ashes melt at lower temperatures than normally, as in waste incineration and with biomass-based fuels.

What is more, our customers are able to increase the ratio of biomass in their fuel mix, thanks to the superior cleaning results of NCSD®. The cleaning sound of the NSCD® is produced by burning a small amount of gas inside the combustion chamber of the device and by guiding the resulting sound pressure shock through a horn into the space to be cleaned.

Nirafon NCSD

With a cleaning capability of up to 1500°C, the NCSD® can efficiently remove contaminants within a wide temperature range. Its powerful cleaning pulse ensures thorough cleaning, reaching up to 10 meters from the source.

10m cleaning range

The NCSD® offers an impressive cleaning range of 10 meters, making it highly versatile for various applications. Whether you need to clean large industrial spaces or expansive surfaces, this technology has you covered.

Nirafon NCSD

Experience the intense cleaning power of the NCSD® with its extraordinary acoustic pressure level of over 170 dB.
This high-pressure sound wave effectively eliminates stubborn dirt and debris, surpassing the effectiveness of traditional cleaning methods.

Nirafon CSD in operation

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