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Improving forest industry productivity with NIRAFON® Acoustic Cleaners


Main advantages of the NIRAFON® in the forest industry

In the forest industry, as well as in the power and energy sector, acoustic cleaners offer significant benefits. NIRAFON® applications boost overall productivity, enhance heat transfer efficiency, and reduce the need for manual cleaning. 

NIRAFON® systems cut down on plant downtime, eliminate the requirement to shut down dust collectors, and minimize damage risks during cleaning. Acoustic horns, especially effective at cleaning dry, loose, powder-like deposits, prove their versatility across various industries.


Product benefits

  • Maintains plant efficiency at a high level.
  • Improved heat transfer.
  • Prevents blockages of ducts.
  • Considerably lower air consumption for keeping clean bag filters.
  • Less electricity use of fans, thanks to lower pressure difference and reduced need for suction.
  • Reduce frequency of shutdown and down time for manual cleaning and improve fan availability.

The NIRAFON® system can be used in combination
with existing cleaning system.

Case study

NIRAFON® NCSD in Stora Enso Heinola

Before installation of NCSD, the bend of the flue was washed with high pressure washer with desalinated water every two weeks. After installation, there has been no need for washing.




  • Recovery boilers

  • Bagfilters

  • ESP

  • SCR 

  • Ducts, channels and cyclones


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