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Lumin Uruply

Five pneumatic acoustic cleaners (NI60) from a Finnish company Nirafon were installed in 2019, in the economizer at Lumin’s Cogeneration boiler that provide steam and electricity to the Lumin’s Plywood Mill

Nirafon cleaning systems in Lumin Uruply






The goal was to keep this area of the boiler as clean as possible. The experience is being extremely successful, since it has been possible to maintain a good cleaning of the Economizer in operation. The head losses in this area of the boiler are permanently monitored and a coefficient K is calculated that takes into account the changes in system load (changes in flue gas flows), as an indirect measure of cleanliness. 

This cleaning system has kept the head losses of the Economizer at normal values, improving the performance of the entire steam and power generation system. On the other hand, steam is being saved, since soot blowers are no longer used today. In October 2020, a new acoustic blower was installed in the low temperature superheater zone. At the next annual maintenance shutdown, we will be able to have more information on its performance.