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Vatajankoski Sähkö

Vatajankoski Electricity Has Been Able To Increase The Volume Of Biofuel Significantly With The Help Of Nirafon's Acoustic Cleaning

Nirafon acoustic cleaners in Vatajankoski

Vatajankoski Sähkö, based in northern Satakunta, wanted to significantly increase the amount of biofuel they use and therefore purchased four acoustic cleaners from Nirafon. The boilers, which used to be manually cleaned every week, are now automatically cleaned every 15 minutes. The proportion of wood increased after the purchase. In August and September, it was as high as 90%.

Prior to the purchase of the acoustic cleaners, Vatajankoski's electricity was operated with a 50-50 mix of wood and peat. The desire to increase the proportion of biofuel to 3/4 led Vatajankoski Electricity to purchase acoustic cleaners from Nirafon.

With the help of the Nirafon acoustic cleaners, Vatajankoski has saved dozens of man hours, reduced the fuel consumption and have been able to increase the use of biofuels significantly.